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We have a wonderful range of delicious cakes available. You can even custom order for those exceedingly special occasions.

Bars and cookies

We offer a delectable selection of brownies, bars and cookies in a variety of fantastic flavors. Right here.

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You can find our cakes at a number of stores around Between, GA. Take a look at our locations for more info.

Sherry Scott Higgins

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your Caramel cakes on yesterday (…) I shared it with all of my co-workers, and everyone just loved it. My doctor had a slice and liked it so, that she stopped on the way home to purchase one for her husband. When eating a slice of your cake it truly takes you back to sweet memories of the old days. (…) I wanted to let you know that you have another satisfied customer.

Katie Wright

Good morning! I hope all is well. My future father-in-law lives up near Wilke's Meat Market (…) and we had one of your cakes (the Caramel one) and it was DELICIOUS! So delicious that we are interested in ordering a few of your 9" round cakes for our wedding in September.

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Orange cake

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Pound cake

Wedding cake

Our Prices

9" round 4-layer cakes

  • Butter Pecan $41.00

  • Caramel $33.00

  • Caramel Nut $35.00

  • Carrot $37.00

  • Cherry Almond $37.00

  • Chocolate Buttercream $33.00

  • Classic Buttercream $33.00

  • Coconut $35.00

  • Devil's Food $33.00

  • Double Fudge $33.00

  • German Chocolate $41.00

  • Hummingbird Cake $41.00

  • Japanese Fruit Cake $41.00

  • Italian Cream $37.00

  • Key Lime Delight $33.00

9" round 4-layer cakes

  • Lemon Cake $35.00

  • Lemon Cheese $33.00

  • Lemon Lime cake $35.00

  • Old Fashioned Chocolate $33.00

  • Old Fash. Choc. on Choc. $33.00

  • Orange Cake $35.00

  • Oreo $33.00

  • Peanut Butter $33.00

  • Red Velvet $37.00

  • Spice Cake $33.00

  • Strawberry Cake $35.00

  • Strawberry Delight (seasonal) $41.00

  • Swiss Mocha $35.00

  • Zebra $34.00


Pound cakes

  • Almond Amaretto $33.00

  • Choc. Cinn. Pecan $33.00

  • Chocolate $32.00

  • W/ Choc. Icing $32.00

  • & Alm. $33.00

  • Cinnamon Pecan $32.00

  • Coconut Pound $32.00

  • Frosted Orange $33.00

  • Turtle Pound $34.00

  • Whipping Cream $31.00

  • & Alm. $33.00




Cookies, brownies & bars

  • Butter Cookies $8.50/doz.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies $8.50/doz.

  • Cran. Oat. w/ White Choc. Chips $8.50/8 ea.

  • Oatmeal Raisin $8.50/doz.

  • Peanut Butter Cookies $8.50/doz.

  • Snickerdoodle Cookies $8.50/doz.

  • Toffee Cookies $8.50/doz.

  • Triple Chocolate with Pecans $8.50/doz.

  • Fudgy Pecan Brownies $8.50/8 ea.

  • Almond Bars $8.50/8 ea.

  • Coconut Bars $8.50/8 ea.

  • Key Lime Bars $8.50/8 ea.

  • Lemon Bars $8.50/8 ea.

  • Southern Pecan Bars $8.50/8 ea.

A little history of Sweet Memories

I started baking cakes a few weeks shy of my 11th birthday. I was in Girl Scouts, and there was a bake off. I placed in the top 3 both times. I guess that is when it all started.

By thirteen my Mom sent me to cake decorating classes. After that, I started baking brownies and cookies and brown sugar chewies (these are my favorite; the chewier the better for me). I even decorated a cake for a 50th wedding anniversary at age 13.

After I got married I always made cakes and cookies for friends and family especially at Christmas. I love to entertain. I would bake several different types of cookies. I always made sure everyone had a goody bag before they left the party.

My husband went back to school after our children were born. We weren't making ends meet.

I got up the nerve to ask a client from my other job if he would be willing to put a few of my cakes in his store. He said they could give it a try. It went well, to say the least. Every chance I got I was baking cakes and taking them down to his store. That went on for about 2 years.

My husband finished college and I quit my daytime job and went back to college to earn my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and continued to bake. The first store and I parted ways so I went to another store. Within two weeks my cake business had doubled.

That goes to show when one door closes another one opens even wider. After I finished college we converted our garage to the bakery that I now have today.

We have kept the bakery small because our children were active in school and we wanted to be there for them. A year after opening, my husband quit his job and started making the deliveries for me.

We do not have a store front; we just deliver to stores in the Metro Atlanta area. My son now makes deliveries and my daughter is in college and helps out on her breaks. We now have 5 full time employees and 14 stores that carry our cakes, bars and cookies. The economy has hit us pretty hard, but we are still holding our own.

One of the hardest decisions for me to make was what to name my bakery. I wanted to honor my Mom because she is the one who came up with a lot of the recipes that I was using and another reason was for my customers.

That is why I named it Sweet Memories Recreated by Trisha because they were sweet memories of my mom and because I was recreating sweet memories for my customers from their childhood. A lot of my customers would tell me my cakes reminded them of what their mom's or grandmother's cakes tasted like :)

Special orders

For special orders call us at (770) 207-9207, tell us what cake you would like to order, what store you would like to pick it up at and what day you want it delivered. We try to be at most locations by 4 p.m. on the day of delivery. Please allow 2 days for delivery.

For Thanksgiving orders - we stop taking special orders the Wednesday the week before the holiday. We almost always have Caramel, Old Fashion Chocolate and Lemon Cheese if you call past the deadline. If you want something other than these flavors please call ahead.

For Christmas we stop taking special orders 2 weeks before the holiday. Christmas is very busy so please call early, we try to do extras but with so many stores to keep filled it is hard to do so.

We do not make bars and cookies during the week of a holiday so if you want them, please order early and freeze them. All cakes freeze well. Just leave them in the container the cake comes in and put the whole thing in the freezer. Take out the morning that you need it. Allow 4-5 hours to thaw.

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We are located at:

Sweet Memories Bakery, Inc.
2121 New Hope Church Rd.
Between, GA 30655
(770) 207-9207